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Patricks Bed

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Some more lovely feedback regarding some assistance provided by our engineers in modifying a clients bed to suit their requirements:

It’s been some time now since the engineer replaced the lying surface of Patrick’s bed, and I have been meaning to write and thank you for arranging that.

It is SO MUCH BETTER!!  We are very pleased with it.  He enjoys sitting up in bed watching TV, and also has his physio on the bed and when the therapist has

finished, she arranges him within an additional sleeping system propping him up into the most beneficial positioning.


Everyone thinks there was a great improvement and we are all delighted that it works so well for him now!


Many thanks to all concerned, und vielen Dank auch an Ihren deutschen Kolleginen  schicke Ich!!


Kind regards and Best wishes from



Customer Feedback

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Neil Ellis, Service Technician, BaKare Beds

BaKare Beds treat our clients in a way that we hope they will love and go on to become our fans and ambassadors and we continue to grow due to referrals and recommendations from both individual and professional clients.

Neil Ellis has worked as a service engineer for BaKare for over 16 years and much of the time, the work he does goes by unnoticed. This email lightened up my inbox this morning regarding Neils recent visit to a clients home:

"Dear Mark

I am writing to thank you for offering me such a prompt service in carrying out repairs to my adjustable bed, and your advice from just viewing a few photographs.
Neil Ellis was so positive in his work as he hit a snag as the ‘slide cap’ did not fit over the metal bar on the bed and so had to modify it to fit over the metal bar. He then put four screws into the plastic cap to give more support to the fixture.

I can’t thank you and Neil enough for solving and fixing the problem with the motor on my bed. Neil said that the motor could be easily replaced should I ever need to do so, and that’s good to know, and it will be cheaper than buying a new base. I am so pleased that I found your company through the Google search engine by just putting in ‘repairs of adjustable beds’.
Your company has provided me with a personal, professional and prompt service for which I am very grateful.

I can have a good night’s sleep again tonight and only days since the motor failed!

With kind regards.

Best wishes
–K, [private]"

Customer Feedback

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We were delighted to receive this feedback from one of our customers this week:


Q1: How did we do?

  • Pre-Sales Advice Excellent
  • Product Purchased Excellent
  • Value For Money Good
  • Delivery, Installation & Training Excellent

Q2: How does our customer service compare to other companies?

  • Much better

Q3: Overall, how satisfied are you with our product / service?

  • Very satisfied

Q4: Would you recommend us to others?

  • Yes

Q5: What other equipment are you likely to purchase in the future?

Any extras when if needed

Q6: Extra pleased? Unhappy? Please let us know and we will forward your feedback to the relevant departments.

I am really happy about all aspects I’ve dealt with from the first meeting and viewing at the Naidex show to trying beds out both at Sheffield and at home. The delivery guys explained all and have left me with a smile knowing I have found an easy way to get to bed. I think in all 10 out of 10. Even more

Q7: Name

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